Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Irrationally Cute!

Hello Everybody! Below you will find the pic of our new companion, a westie... After doing months of research and looking at many adorable pups, we finally decided to buy a beautiful West Highland White Terrier…Its small, its hypo allergenic (sis-in-law is allergic), sheds hair only twice a year instead of everyday! And ofcourse it's cheaper to feed and I can easily fly with it in the cabin! From the pic below, you can see our beautiful new westieeeee…..errrr….I mean Golden Retriever pup!

I know… I know… there was a very slight change in our decision! She was so cute and playful! How can one make such tough, rational decisions when encountered with those amazing eyes, enthusiastic licks and such playful energy!

I hold our cute goldie responsible for our irrational choice… You can say she is irresistibly, irrationally cute!

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