Wednesday, 24 September 2008

To Pet or Not to Pet ? be precise...To dog or not to dog? That is the essential question for us these days. And in addition to that, “Which dog to dog?”. Sorry, I meant which dog to pet… My mind is overflowing about doggys, 'doggy' info and images so much so that I'm seeing dogs everywhere!

We are both huge fans of Labradors and Golden Retrievers but we are worried that they are too big for an apartment (even if we do have decently large space.) Everywhere I go I'm suddenly seeing dogs. Today in front of the supermarket we saw a sweet puppy (cocker spaniel) crying for mummy and daddy to come back out and pick him up! During the weekend , we went 'doghunting' and saw soooo many cute, sweet, adorable...(ooohhh I could just go on!!!) puppies!

We went to see the cutest little golden retriever. It's completely white (a very rare type of golden retriever) but so energetic and smart. Immediately he loved us and ran to jump into my arms, the next second he ran to play with some grass and then ran to eat some dog food that was safely stored away in a plastic bag in the corner. Next second again he was about to escape into the great unknown outside. What an energy bundle! I told my DH to hold me back from buying at that very moment and drag me out of the shop when I wouldn’t let go of my “cutie, sweetie, fluffy, tubby, roly-poly puppy”! In the end, he somehow got me out of there and started to discuss rational questions such as “how many times a day do big dogs need to be walked?” “How about when we travel away for vacations?” and other boring considerations… And this from the very guy who just stated, "Oh Man, I can't live without a dog! I need a Labrador.....Now!!!"

It didn’t take long for new challenges to arise! Dear Mom-in-law calls frantically and decrees: “Don’t buy a dog, waste of time, waste of energy.” and “Dogs will not be allowed into our house for Christmas.” She apparently heard the news from FIL that we had gone nuts and wanted to buy a dirty, smelly creature of some sort! Well, not all have the same taste I guess… Anyways, we are sitting and drooling over our newly acquired 'encyclopedia of dogs' and have come to the realisation that if we have any sense we will get a small or medium sized dog. Check back on my blog next week to find out if we have any sense.

P.S: I wouldn’t necessarily put a lot of money on us being overly rational !

Well... crafting and creating wise, I had a fun day. I wanted to play with some inkpads and stamps I had lying around for ages so, I made a few cards and tags. Oh and check out the CPS blog. Just discovered it and I think it's pretty cool! Here's my take on the CPS Sketch #83. I've shifted the circle from bottom right. Hope you like it!

I layered white embossed card on black card for the bg. Then I stamped and handcut the blue scalloped border and layered it with silver and black cards. The cute 'duckie' image, I painted with silver and blue paints, matted on black and added a hipchip from Ki Memories at the upper right. And Voila!

This card is my personal fav. I layered the pp with a beautiful quote which says,"If I had one gift that I could give you, my friend, it would be the ability to see yourself as others see you, because only then would you know how extremely special you are.” I stamped a border around the quote and then handcut. Then I layered it with ribbons and a fabric flower I made from some gorgeous fabric I found this weekend in the sale section of a local shop!

That's all for now. Have a Great Week ahead!




natty said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment. Yep, the tree was a Maya Road rub-on. Nice rub-ons to use as well. :o)

I just love your fabric flower detail on the card you posted, gorgeous colour combo! :oD

Linda Beeson said...

Oh no, all of those puppy dogs are just too cute!
LOVE what you did with the CPS sketch! Cute image!

Lorie said...

Oh, your cards are so cute! Great job with the sketch! And as for the dog it! You won't regret it! :o)

Ying Pang, said...

Hi ,
thank you for dropping by my blog.
you card is beautiful !!

Mona Madsen said...

It's a really beautiful blog you've got here! And the dogs are very cute - on the screen ...
Must admit that I'm siding with your dear mother-in-law on that subject.

Blogmaster said...

The Labrador puppy picture above is stolen from the website Truebred Labrador puppies. Please either add details of copyright ownership with the picture or please remove it from your site. Thank you.