Saturday, 6 September 2008

Panic, Chaos, Disaster... my work here is done!

Hello there!
Now you know why my DH and I don't go out often! LOL
I thought I would share some of my scrapbooking layouts today. Even though the above photos are not great quality, I love them because they capture his wonderful, childlike, and goofy nature! These photos always make me grin! This is a double Layout using Photoshop :-)

This LO is of my mom and my niece, Moksha. She was less than 18 months old when the photo was taken but already yapped nineteen to a dozen. Ever curious and energetic, she sure is Grandma's pride!

Inspired by Pencillines sketch 73. Journaling is behind the photo and speaks of little Moksha's discovery and fascination of the amazing properties of a glass top table! :-)
Thanks for Peeking and have a Great day!

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