Friday, 5 September 2008

Discovery of India !

Hello there! Welcome to my little blog! Inspired by the huge wave of digital scrapbooking not to mention some of the stunning digi LOs, I had put Photoshop my birthday wishlist. Well that was in June… and now it’s the start of August!

At first I had downloaded a trial version of PS. It was challenging and I loved it! But then we immediately went on vacation and I was yearning to get back to my new tool ! When I got back the net card on my lap top had burnt and the IT guy said there was nothing else to do but to change the whole motherboard… Just a small waiting time of 2 weeks!!! Yikes!!! Well, now that my PC is back, soooo eager to play with PS… only to realize that my trial license had expired …Grrumpf….Grrumpf !!!
Well after hinting to my DH to get me my very belated Birthday gift….. and after moping around for a few weeks… he finally got the hints (By now they were mere like blatant questions, “when can I get PS?” !!) After resorting to every conceivable trick/ treat to get DH to act, he finally starts to scout the internet and local dealers for a decent price for PS… after enduring what seemed like legions of human obstancle s and challenges to man etc , we have it and I am now playing with the awesome tool.
Boy was it worth the wait… It’s every wife’s dream software… imagine your (not so) DH drinking beer and cheering with the chaps… now with PS … you can magically move him and his friends to a setting that fits you or your LO better… maybe a beautiful forest? Why not put a flower in his hand to replace that nasty beer !!! ;-) Oh boy, just kidding! As an educated journalist, I would never manipulate reality soo much but maybe I might make use of the red eye remover and brighten up the blue sky in the background…. :-)
Today, I'm posting one of my scrapbook layouts. This is my triad of firsts! It's my very first digital LO. (Just got my Photoshop today! YIPEEE !! ) It is also my very first LO for a weekly challenge on UKS. And last but not the least my first LO with glitter! ;-)
Hope you like it!

Used up some scraps - (unused digikit glitter embellies). LO made using Beautiful Mess papers by Elizabeth Quintana.

Thanks for Peeking and Have a Wonderful Day! :-)

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