Tuesday, 12 August 2008


While reorganizing my stash a few weeks ago, I stumbled across some gorgeous wires I bought some time back. And ever since, I have been using them on my LOs and cards. Most of us have wire lying around in our craft stash. Here are some funky ways to use wire in your scrapbook LOs and cards.

  1. Use wire to make a title or part of a title. In my LO ‘ Glee’ , I used craftwire in many ways. I made a part of the title with wire. You can attach wire to your Los with either superglue, gluedots, stitching or even weaving it through tiny holes in the paper. You can also fold it behind an element and stick it in place.

  2. Use thick craft wire to make embellishments to fit your themes. You can shape cars, arrows, houses…infact anything. The possibilities are limitless. In the LO ‘Inseparable’ I have used thick craft wire to make a cute car embellishment.

  3. Make coils to bind a small tag book or mini book. If you are lucky to have a bind-it-all, then maybe you can overlook this tip. But I will suggest you try this as it gives a different metallic texture and feel to the book. In the above photo, you can see how i have coiled the fluffy tagbook with blue metallic craft wire – Durable and fun!

  4. Use it to make springs. Use it to spring letters off your page or just as an accent. Let your imagination run wild!
  5. Make flowers and swirls. This taps into two huge current trends. How many of us have used blooms or swirls on our LOs or cards?!! Instead of using a paper bloom, try a wire one this time. Or layer it with some other blooms you already have in your stash. In my LO ‘Glee’, I have made swirls around the layered blooms and also as a photo corner (upper right hand corner).

I hope I have ignited your creative juices. Do leave me your comments and links to your wired creations.



Anonymous said...

Salu2!! pasa por mi blog cuando quieras ...


Anette said...

Very good ideas