Wednesday, 3 September 2008


Gosh…we are having an amazing time in London so far. Love this city… There’s always so much to do and so many amazing things to see and experience! Wow.. can’t wait to explore more!

Yesterday, I was in seventh heaven. Since I’ve flown all the way across the …ahem… tiny… north sea, I thought I was obligated to check out some of the craft stores in and around London!! LOL

We visited loads of craft shops. Blade rubber stamps had an amazing collection of rubber stamps (obviously!) and a wide range of inks and stamping accessories. But disappointing range of patterned papers and scrapbooking accessories. I had a great time browsing through the amazing shop and afterwards we went to the British museum and had a rocking time there too!

We also visited Artbase in Hornchurch. Looking on a map it seemed so far, far away from the excitement of inner city London…Picadilly circus square… the book cafes open until 23.00 … the lively and awesome theatres and plays and all the various luxuries of the Capital of Europe. But Hornchurch has a lot going for it (at least that was the argument I presented my DH ;-) Of course it also helped that I had bought a book along for my DH (in his favourite subject) so he was excited to dive into it while I was in craft heaven! Artbase has the most astounding range of papers (patterned and Bazzill) that I have seen this side of the Atlantic! Ooohhh…I could spend hours just sniffing the stuff! LOL I had a fabulous time and the owners are so friendly and helpful too! Needless to say, I spent an inordinate amount of my shopping budget here! Look what I bought! Ymmm....

We spent a couple of days visiting Stonehenge, Salisbury and the Beautiful and charming city of Bath. Next time, we’ll definitely spend more days here as we couldn’t soak in enough of the ambience and sights this time!

We were visiting my sis-in-law and her DBF during the weekend. We had a great time and went to the cute Greenwich Village. We also went for a glorious walk down the Thames River. We stopped at an open air theatre near the Tower Bridge. The theater troupe acted out a funny version of little red riding hood called "Petite rouge and the alligator". The story was wonderfully set up. First the play depicted the innocent and naive Petite Rouge playing around at home with no worries for some time. Then we got to see the mean alligator and his greediness for everything that could be eaten alive. Despite a limited costume, the actor was so clearly being the big bad alligator. The story got real exciting when the two extreme characters met each other. I won’t tell you the rest as you should go see it yourself. Also by then my DH and sis-in-law were eager to proceed to find the next dietary supplements (read cakes and cookies) shop!

All in all, a Fantastic vacation! Can’t wait to start using all those delicious goodies in my projects.


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