Saturday, 13 September 2008

Crazy Card Day!

Today was dedicated to card making. All my creative energies were channelled into making (hopefully!) gorgeous cards. Yesterday, I was quite inspired but since it was at 3.00 in the morning my DH insisted on me not getting out of bed again! Today, I am fresh and ready to work but the ideas don’t seem quite as Fantabulous as they seemed in yesterday’s sleepy haze!

Anyways, I started my endeavours of creating something I could be proud of. First draft didn’t seem what I wanted… Second draft … Colour not exactly what I had hoped for. Third draft … Ah, that’s more like it! Except… This draft was very sloppily made as I had thought this would be another miss. OK. Redoing third idea in better quality. Heh. That’s a bit more like it.
Now for the photos and images… Ehh, where are my tiny white pearls that I need.. need ...need for this card? I brought them back from India, didn’t I? What’s that? Is that the phone ringing? Hmm... Did it ring a few more times before now? Ooops! Turns out my DH had called me repeatedly to remind me to eat lunch. He knows how absent minded I am when it comes to such trivial issues (like food!) when I am in my crafting mode. OK, fixed lunch quickly and got back to my card. Oh no, I just have an hour left to craft before I hit the mall for some grocery shopping and much needed fridge stocking!

Anyways, these are just a few of the cards I made earlier today. I used a lot of different techniques and paint effects and had a great time! Have a look and let me know what you think! Thanks for peeking and Have a Wonderful Weekend!



Anonymous said...

Hejsa! Det er smukke kort. Har du brugt akrylfarver eller stempelpuder?


Avantica Shinde Nielsen said...

Hej Lene,

Jeg brugte stempelpudder, embossingpulver, fabrik farver og lille smule glimmer!

Tak for dine sødt komment,